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橘粉紅色的藍柱石(Orangy Pink Euclase)

The cover photo of The Journal of Gemmology Volume 38, No. 1, features pink-orange euclase from Bahia, Brazil, which was first discovered in 2015-2016

Small quantities entered the international market in mid-2018. There has been limited production to date from two different occurrences, located about 30 km apart, with an estimated production of less than 1 kg total from both sources.

This material displays an attractive colour not seen previously in euclase (due to traces of Mn3+) and occurs in well-formed crystals and hosts interesting inclusions.

From left to right, the cut stones weigh 0.92 ct (bicoloured), 0.72 ct and 1.30 ct, and the crystals are 0.45 and 1.47 g.

上圖為FGA寶石期刊卷38中一本的封面,橘粉紅色漸層產於巴西的藍柱石(3個顆面重量為0.92ct, 0.72ct, 1.30ct)。藍柱石(Euclase)本身已經是一種十分稀有難收藏的寶石。一般常見的顏色是淡藍漸層如下圖。


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